Brent family’s modular Solar Inverter system

The Brent family carefully chose a modular solar energy solution that would fulfill their requirements for energy security and cost reduction, with guaranteed expandability and energy independence.

“In November 2015 AWPower installed a photovoltaic solution at our home, which included 1.5 KWp of PV panels, a 3kVA hybrid inverter, and 2.5 kWh of battery storage. After some analysis of the supply and demand profiles at our home, it was decided to upgrade the system in January 2016 to 3 kWp of PV panels, a 5kVA hybrid inverter, and the same usable storage. The current estimate is that approximately 40% of our electricity consumption is provided by the installed solution, with a saving of around R400 per month (at the current tariff). With further hikes likely, and load shedding imminent, the benefits of the system are obvious. AWPower proved to be extremely professional with quick responses, and an exceptional after-sale service. Whilst the performance of the system is still being monitored, we are satisfied that AWPower was able to respond to our needs.”

Technical: 5kVA Hybrid Inverter, 12 x 250Wp (3kW) of PV panels with 4 x 102Ah (2.5kWhh) battery storage to support the full household excluding geyser.





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