John Whitehead’s Solar Solution

John Whitehead (87) chose a solar energy solution that would allow him to listen to his large selection of jazz music without interruption, knowing that the music and LED lights will never go out in his comfortable study.

AWPower supplied John with a start-up solar inverter system that provides uninterrupted power to his TV/DSTV, music center, laptop and LED standing light.

“Our demands were for domestic back-up in time for unpredictable load-shedding in our home. The primary user of the system is my 87 year old father-in-law who lives in a flat above us. The system kicks in as soon as the mains power goes off. The system was easy and quick to install, works well and AWPowers’ after sales service is excellent, a very professional and enthusiastic operation all round.

The security implications for an elderly person living on their own during load shedding is enormous and this is one of the main reasons why we had the system installed. Thank you AWPower for finding an economically viable solution to our problem. “

Technical:  700W Pure Sinewave inverter, 3 x 140W solar panels with 2 x 102Ah battery storage to supply uninterrupted power to the household’s TV/DSTV, internet router, 2 plugs and LED standing lights.



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