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Do you know what type of sustainable solution you require for your business, home or car?

If not, you’re welcome to contact us for advice, or otherwise you can take a  look at our buyer’s guides for selecting the type of solar installation best suited to your requirements or even find out more about charging your electric vehicle (EV) using solar power. 

Solar PV

A common misconception that people have when thinking of going solar, is that they want to take their building off the grid. What they don’t realize is that, in most cases, a grid-connected system is much more cost-effective and lower in maintenance than an off-grid system. However, there are some cases where a truly off-grid system is the right choice.

Solar PV

The business case for grid-tied, rooftop-mounted solar PV has become a no-brainer following the rapidly rising price of grid electricity, together with the falling costs of equipment needed to install a solar system and the introduction of tax incentives for businesses that may result in a 100% tax-deductible depreciation allowance in the first year of installation.

Solar PV

If you are looking for energy security, plus savings on your electric bill for your home, office or business, then a battery-tied system with a hybrid inverter may be the solution you need. These systems can be pricey, and if budget is a challenge, starting with a battery backup system that is fully expandable to solar PV in the future may be the smart way to go.

Loadshedding Battery Backup Solutions

AWPower has a variety of loadshedding solutions. Our Power Boxes have been widely sold and are known for their no-nonsense value for money, providing a low-cost battery backup solution to power WiFi, a TV, one or two PC/laptops and some LED lights. Our DB connected loadshedding solutions are capable of powering more than just the basics.


Electric Vehicle Solar Integration

EVs charged with “dirty” electricity from the South African grid, which is mainly coal-powered, are not as sustainable as you may think. Charging your EV from a solar PV system not only makes the vehicle much more sustainable, it also reduces its running costs substantially.

Past Projects

Case studies

Solar panels on roof
Solar panels on roof

Solar PV solution for Huis Nuweland

The Management and Board of Huis Nuweland decided to evaluate renewable energy for their retirement village in Newlands, Cape Town and after considerable research they appointed AWPower to implement a grid-tied solar PV solution as a first phase in their holistic and ongoing renewable energy project. Read more

Kenridge Shopping Centre

Inframax Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a national property group with head office in Cape Town, contracted AWPower to design and install a solar PV system for their Kenridge Shopping Centre in Cape Town. Read more

Considering going off-grid

If you’re considering going off grid and not sure who to trust with your installation, why not listen to this past client of AWPower…

Now that spring has finally sprung with longer daylight hours and more sun, we’re happy to report that the system is running smoothly with no problems or adaptations in work style. As an IT company, we’re dependent on a stable electricity supply. No longer reliant on Eskom and the continuous price increases, at last we don’t have to live/work in fear of electricity outages.

Christiaan & Henri with Freddie roux of FarSoft.

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