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South African solar installers and consumers should be wary of counterfeit solar panels being fraudulently sold under major brand names.

As South Africans, we’ve grown accustomed to the challenges of loadshedding, and it seems like it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. While there’s no quick fix for the country’s energy woes, there’s a solution that’s as easy to grasp as buying your own car – financing your solar PV investment.

As a Nedbank-approved* energy partner, AWPower can now offer its customers even greater value and quicker access to tailored solar energy solutions

With the increasing number of electricity blackouts across South Africa and loadshedding remaining, many households and business owners have been pushed to seek alternative energy solutions. As a result, the demand for solar power has increased significantly.

With South Africa experiencing its worst year of loadshedding to date, we’re seeing a surge in demand for alternative power solutions from homeowners and businesses alike. Solar is emerging as a popular option, enabling people to reduce their reliance on Eskom at a time the utility is asking the regulator to approve a 32% increase in power tariffs.

As South Africans continue to grapple with non-stop loadshedding and persistent area outages, renewable energy sources such as solar power have become an obvious choice to take the power back in your own hands.

Loadshedding is not going away, and most people are considering alternative solutions to keep their power on. The good news is that you can use your investments in backup power to bring your electricity costs down over time and also decrease your reliance on the national grid.

Everything you need to know about solar for your home and business – hosted by AWPower, Nedbank and the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies (US).

If you are a residential homeowner or a growing business, and have been considering solar, you will find out everything you need to know about the most suitable Solar PV solution for your home and business, and also how you can finance it - through Nedbank.

There is a monumental difference in the price you would pay for a solar power system capable of providing around 95% of your electricity usage compared to one that can achieve 100%. AWPower’s managing director, Christiaan Hattingh, told MyBroadband in an interview that, for most households, he would strongly advise against an entirely off-grid solar energy system without Eskom as a backup.

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