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Current research indicates a significant increase in the growth of energy production from renewables, with rooftop solar PV systems having the largest growth potential. This is expected to lead to a leapfrog effect, much like that of mobile phones in Africa during the past 15 years. The effect could disrupt and lead to a world-wide “death spiral” for traditional centralised utility companies.

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Load shedding doesn’t have to mean lights out at your home or business. Now there’s a range of effective, and affordable load-shedding solutions to keep you switched on. Find out more here...

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Finding solutions to maintain productivity during load shedding could assist the home and business owner to save money in the long run. Once the load is managed, you are well on your way to engage productively in building up a power back-up system that can be expanded to solar PV that may provide independence from the grid.

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The cost of generating electricity through a residential or commercial rooftop PV installation is approximately half of ESKOM’s cost for generation from burning coals. Likewise the average household or commercial building has access to technology that enables it to harvest most of its household water, safe for human consumption, from rainwater. Both electricity and water are dependent on storage capacity that will increase their effectiveness.

Can you imagine living in a house, independent from the municipality for your own electricity and water supply?

From our experience, it is more cost effective to deploy a conventional geyser fitted with a reduced capacity (Watts) element when a solar PV system is installed for residential or commercial use, than opting for a solar geyser.

Recent dynamics in the energy sector allow for attractive savings to businesses, following a reduction of approximately 40% in the cost of solar PV modules during the past 6 months, and projected tariff increase of more than 20% per year from 2018, as predicted by MoneyWeb.

AWPower, in conjunction with our premier suppliers, are pleased to announce the promotion of a limited number of Solar PV Systems, up until 9 December 2016.

Following the release of “Living with Solar – Part 1”, AWPower received many enquiries about the cost of the various systems tested at our experimental site in Cape Town. In this edition, we elaborate on the costs of the most common type of PV systems including the factors that may have an influence on the costs, savings and payback period.

Living with a solar PV (photovoltaic) system is very different from conventional electricity sourced from the grid. It has a magic that rubs off, making you aware and appreciative of its renewable nature, with the result that solar users become smart energy users. It has immense benefits in terms of cost reduction, as shown in the graph below, but it can also provide energy security.

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