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Solar PV

A common misconception that people have when thinking of going solar, is that they want to take their building off the grid. What they don’t realize is that, in most cases, a grid-connected system is much more cost-effective and lower in maintenance than an off-grid system. However, there are some cases where a truly off-grid system is the right choice.

Solar PV

The business case for grid-tied, roof mounted solar PV has become a no-brainer following the rapidly rising price of grid electricity, together with the falling costs of solar system equipment and the introduction of tax incentives for commercial businesses.

AWPower are trusted solar installers for many companies, businesses and commercial buildings; view one of our recent installations in Cape Town below.

Solar PV

If you are looking for energy security, plus savings on your electric bill for your home, office or business, then a battery-tied system with a hybrid inverter may be the solution you need. These systems can be pricey, and if budget is a challenge, starting with a battery backup system that is fully expandable to solar PV in the future may be the smart way to go.

AWPower offers bespoke solar design and installation services for your unique needs.

Loadshedding Battery Backup Solutions

AWPower has a variety of load shedding solutions. Our Power Box product has been widely sold and is known for its no-nonsense value for money, providing a low-cost battery backup solution to power WiFi, a TV, one or two PC/laptops and some LED lights.

Our DB connected load shedding solutions are capable of powering more than just the basics.

"We have been delighted with the professionalism and competence of the AWPower team in all phases of our somewhat complex project with them. Their proposals were professional and technically excellent, their interface with us equally so and they have kept us abreast of all and any issues as they developed as well as being on-site when they said. We chose a company that was stable, reliable, has been in the market for a good time and could deliver what they said. We have not been disappointed."

Ian Cook Google Review

"Fantastic service from a professional team. I have been in contact with AWPower for a number of years now and their service has been excellent! The most recent project was installing a hybrid solar system at my residence. I was kept updated throughout the design, costing and inventory ordering process and installation took less than 2 days. The team are always available to attend to my queries and can adjust my system remotely to cater for changing requirements caused by higher levels of loadshedding. I highly recommend AWPower."

Ruchir Severaj Google Review

"I can highly recommend AWPower for solar installations. They give competitive prices and provide excellent workmanship. They installed an 8kw system for me with 2x100Ah batteries and 15 solar panels. They have been around since 2015 and know what they were talking about... not like many pop-up solar installers."

Frans Snyders Google Review

"Knowledgable, helpful staff greatly facilitated our choice of an inverter. Competent, tidy installation. Back-up service, while we familiarised ourselves with unit function, was excellent. The system has worked flawlessly to date."

Janet Tooke Google Review

Electric Vehicle Solar Integration

EVs charged with “dirty” electricity from the South African grid, which is mainly coal-powered, are not as sustainable as you may think. Charging your EV from renewable energy – such as a solar PV system – not only makes the vehicle much more sustainable, it also reduces the vehicle’s running costs substantially.

Save Money

Solar is fast becoming the most affordable renewable energy source. Not only will it decrease your electricity costs but it will protect you from the rising price in utilities and increase the value of your property.

Clean Energy

Using renewable energy puts you ahead of the curve. As solar does not produce harmful emissions, you’ll be supporting the development and use of a more resilient and safer energy system.

Be a Planet Advocate

Whether we like it or not, we are all responsible for looking after our planet. By installing a solar solution you will be promoting green energy, and at the same time, becoming energy independent.

Benefits of Solar

Why go Solar?

Not sold on the idea of Solar? There are many benefits and we’d be happy to discuss these with you and answer any questions you might have.

Why Choose AWPower

We don’t over-promise and under-deliver.
 We are realistic about what our solutions can provide.

We focus on quality, reliability
and performance.

We know the importance of
good after-sales service.

When you choose AWPower as your solar company partner you are choosing a trusted renewable energy installer for many commercial business owners as well as residential home owners.

Solar Learning

Which solar PV system is right for me?

There’s a lot to consider once you have decided to “go solar”. What system should you use? How many panels? What equipment do you need? 

Take a look at our  brief overview of the different types of Solar PV Systems and what the benefits of each system are. 

About AWPower

Established in 2015, AWPower emerged as a distinguished provider of solar energy solutions, placing a strong emphasis on engineering services. The company was founded by a collective of industrial, mechanical, and mechatronics engineers driven by their passion for the renewable energy sector and their innate talent for crafting top-notch systems.

AWPower provides Renewable Energy Solutions for Commercial & Residential Buildings in Cape Town and surrounding areas.


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