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Our team

Meet our Core Team

Christiaan Hattingh


Christiaan is the Managing Director, working hand-in-hand with the design engineers and installation teams from conceptual to commissioning phase, to ensure that AWPower achieves meeting the customer expectations. He obtained his BEng in Mechanical Engineering from Stellenbosch University and completed the Advanced PV Design course at the Centre for Renewable Energy Studies and the Univ. of Stellenbosch.

Lourens Delport


Lourens completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as his Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering at Stellenbosch University. His was initially responsible for installations of solar PV systems at AWPower and his successful installations include some of the larger residential roof top systems exceeding 15kW. Following the completion of his Master’s degree he returned to AWPower to continue as Detail Design Engineer with responsibilities for Installation Safety and Quality Control .

Harry Orr

Design engineer

Harry is a highly skilled and experienced Design Engineer, specialising in solar design and engineering. In 2010, he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch, laying the foundation for his successful career. Throughout his professional journey, Harry has gained extensive experience working in diverse fields, ranging from engineering to the cycling industry.

Gerhardus Laubscher

Design engineer

Gerhardus is an energetic and passionate Design Engineer specialising in solar design and engineering. He holds both a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and an Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in Renewable Energies from the esteemed Cape Peninsula University of Technology. With a deep-rooted passion for design and systems optimisation, Gerhardus brings a unique perspective to his work. He possesses a strong understanding of the intricacies involved in solar design, combining his technical knowledge with innovative thinking to create efficient and sustainable solutions. Gerhardus’s expertise lies in optimising solar systems to achieve the highest levels of performance and energy production.

Cameron van Heerden

Design Engineer

As a Design Engineer at AWPower, Cameron focuses on driving efficiencies through solar design engineering. With expertise in designing solar PV systems for single-phase and three-phase residential and small-commercial properties, he is dedicated to optimising energy generation. Additionally, Cameron plays a key role in implementing smart home applications, remote energy monitoring, and efficient energy management. Cameron brings a deep understanding of solar design principles and engineering to their role, tailoring solutions to meet the unique requirements and objectives of each project.

Anelize Fick

Planning & Procurement Administrator

Anelize is a highly skilled and experienced Project Manager with over 20 years of expertise in Financial Management. With a proven track record of successfully implementing and maintaining strict internal controls in both financial and operational areas, she ensures the efficient and effective management of resources. Anelize’s reputation as a resourceful team player is widely recognised, and her exceptional problem-solving skills make her an invaluable asset to any project or business. She consistently inspires her team members to reach their full potential by providing them with the necessary support and motivation for success.

Nadine Hattingh

Office Administrator

Nadine is a highly organised Office Administrator with a strong focus on driving efficiencies and supporting key functions within the business. With over 10 years of experience, Nadine excels in working closely with customers to ensure their utmost satisfaction.
With her keen attention to detail, Nadine ensures that the business operates at peak performance at all times. She takes responsibility for managing all email and telephonic inquiries, promptly addressing customer queries and concerns. Nadine’s exceptional organisational skills and dedication to customer satisfaction make her an invaluable asset to our business.

Feroza Murray

Finance Administrator

As a seasoned Financial Manager with over 30 years of experience, Feroza brings a wealth of expertise to effectively manage the financial aspects of our business. With her qualifications as an Accounting Technician, acquired through her studies at Damelin Mowbray, and as a Tax Practitioner and Commissioner of Oaths, she possesses a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of financial management. Throughout her career, she has consistently demonstrated my ability to navigate complex financial landscapes and deliver exceptional results. She has successfully overseen the financial operations of various businesses, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and optimisation of resources.

Del-Mari Roberts

Marketing & PR Manager

Del-Mari is a seasoned communications professional with more than 17 years of experience in various aspects of marketing and public relations. Del-Mari plays a vital role in positioning AWPower as a trusted and leading brand in the renewable energy industry. She possesses a natural ability to connect the dots between various interdisciplinary functions, ensuring a consistent and impactful message is conveyed across platforms. Del-Mari’s expertise in storytelling allows her to effectively communicate AWPower’s unique value proposition and showcase the company’s expertise in the field of renewable energy. By leveraging her skills in reputation management and thought leadership, she helps establish AWPower as a trusted authority and a go-to resource for sustainable energy solutions.

Gerhard Kruger

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Gerhard has 20+ years in the digital and online space and equips our team to ensure all our digital channels are all in top-notch working order.

Henri Hattingh


Henri is a founding member of the SA Institute for Industrial Engineers with a successful career in technology companies that earned him awards including Business Person of the Year trophy from the Knysna/Plettenberg Bay Chamber of Business and finalist in the Western Cape Chamber of Business Exporter of the Year competition. He is a keen researcher and one of his current projects include charging an EV (electrical vehicle) only from solar generated power.


This is our core team. We also have a wide network of installers, serving our customers in Cape Town and surrounding areas.

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