3kWp Solar Generation System for retirement home

A retired medical doctor and his wife’s requirement was clear – reduce the electricity bill from R2,300 per month and provide energy security. Within a month after installation the bill was reduced by R1,000 pm. Total cost of system was less than R150,000.

AWPower installed a roof mounted solar generation system consisting of 3kWp of PV panels, a 6kW MLT Oasis inverter, and 5kWh of battery storage. The existing geyser element was reduced to 2kW and connected to the inverted power, together with a pool cleaner which was load-balanced by means of a timer switch. The existing 3-phase borehole pump and previous generation electric stove was kept on the mains power supply (non-essential load).

It is envisaged that through further analysis, AWPower engineers will be able to improve load balancing and implementing energy efficiency measures, including replacement of conventional light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs, to further reduce the electricity expenses.






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