Living with Solar #3 – Business Savings


Recent dynamics in the energy sector allow for attractive savings to businesses, following a reduction of approximately 40% in the cost of solar PV modules during the past 6 months, and projected tariff increases of more than 20% per year from 2018, as predicted by MoneyWeb.

The grid-tied solar inverter solutions designed by AWPower’s engineering team allows for possible savings generated to equal financing costs with pay-back in the region of 5 years or less.


Business Solutions

With companies sticking to the “eight to five” regime, one could say that most, if not all of their electricity usage is during the day. As solar PV systems are only capable of generation during the day when the sun is shining, this clearly demonstrates that commercial users (businesses) would benefit the most from a grid-tied solar PV inverter solution. By design, a grid-tied solar inverter will allow the grid to supplement solar PV when the demand is greater than the PV generation, allowing for great savings. Such systems exclude batteries, although this could be expanded to include a battery inverter if stored energy is required, for example when the sun is not shining.


Promotional Solutions

AWPower is currently running promotions on two Grid-Tied Solar PV Inverter solutions as shown below. These solutions are modular & expandable, and are the perfect start to increasing your energy efficiency. For more information on each solution, click the image to be directed to the Promotional Pamphlets.


3kW Single-phase Grid-Tied Solar PV Inverter R79,000* excl. VAT



15 kW 3-phase Grid-Tied Solar PV Inverter R269,000* excl. VAT


*Commissioning, delivery of components and installation excluded.

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