Home Solar PV Promotion (less 20%)

Home Solar PV Promotion (less 20%)


AWPower, in conjunction with our premier suppliers, are pleased to announce the promotion of a limited number of Solar PV Systems, up until 9 December 2016, consisting of:

  • MLT Oasis 6kW 48V Off-Grid Inverter (single phase)
  • 12 x 260kWp (3.12kW) Solar PV modules including roof mounting brackets
  • 3kW MPPT Controller
  • 8 x 6V, 225Ah Trojan T105RE deep-cycle heavy duty solar batteries with cabling
  • Switchgear & 20m Solar Wiring
  • Installation & Commissioning excluded

off-grid-grayNormal price R137,800 (VAT excl.)

Promotion price R110,240

(VAT excl.)


Product Warrantee:

  • MLT Oasis : 3 years with 10 year option
  • Solar PV modules: 20 years
  • Batteries: 1,600 cycles


More about the PV System on promotion

The 6kW MLT Off-Grid Inverter is a heavy duty inverter of outstanding quality. It is locally produced & serviced, and well known for its robustness and suitability for heavy-duty applications where battery backup is required. The 6kW Oasis with at least 3kWp of PV power is suitable for supporting the full load of a medium sized house/building including geysers. The inverter has the functionality to automatically connect to the grid when running out of PV and battery power.

Application: Medium residential/office, Off-Grid farmhouse.

Promotion ends 9 Dec 2016


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