Commercial Solar PV Solution: Grid-tied solution at SPCA Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope SPCA, the founding society of the SPCA movement in South Africa and the oldest animal welfare organisation in the country, has chosen AWPower to implement a grid-tied solar solution, with additional modular battery backup systems to support essential loads.

With a payback of around 5 to 6 years, savings on electricity and energy security during loadshedding, SPCA Cape of Good Hope has made a smart decision by choosing AWPower as its solar provider.

The SPCA’s office and critical life-saving machines in the veterinary hospital will have power if the grid is down, thanks to the battery backups, while solar panels produce electricity during the day, creating savings on electricity.

The modular design of the system makes it easy for SPCA to expand the system to include more battery capacity in the future and energy savings from the solar panels are maximised by utilising the full allowable electricity generation limit imposed by the City of Cape Town for the allocated area.

To view the solar installation, see it here:

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