EVs & Solar Charging – everything you need to know to reduce your running costs



From our experience in running a fleet of EVs during the past 18 months, and observing popular trends, we have no doubt that SA will experience a massive growth in the migration to electric vehicles (EVs) over the next few years.


The stats agree:

EVs will account for about 70% of the global passenger vehicle sales mix by 2040 (resulting in a corresponding drop in sales of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles). 8 EVs will be launched into the South African market in the first quarter of 2022. BMW alone will put 25 hybrids and battery EVs on South African roads by 2023.


Not many commuters and travellers know that when charging your EV from home or office, it becomes possible to reduce your direct running cost of the EV to almost zero – made possible by solar PV generated power.


In this webinar, we looked at why it makes sense to charge your EV with solar and how to go about this. We have also shared our experiences of a recent trip made by one of our BMW i3 vehicles and the cost of using charge stations along this route, range and stopping times to re-charge.


Winstone Jordaan, Managing Director from GridCars, joined us in this discussion and shared his perspectives and trends he is witnessing in the market. Henri Hattingh shared the case study.

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