Rudy Human’s quest for energy independence


Simon’s Town Dive Shop owner Rudy Human is no stranger to thinking outside the box. His entrepreneurial flair has brought him to Simon’s Town and his quest for energy independence led to thorough research in finding a solar energy solution for his house in Glencairn. After visiting and obtaining quotes from a number of solar solution providers, Rudy chose his solar inverter system from AWPower.

“I was impressed by AWPower’s PV engineering skills to design a system to my exact requirements, and their first-hand knowledge of the solutions that they offered. AWPower was the only supplier who could take me to their live site where they actually also use what they sell. Their backup service to ensure that the newly installed system delivers on its promise was equally impressive”

After some analysis of the newly installed system at Rudy’s home, it was decided to also upgrade the geyser system by installing additional PV panels with a 2kW PTC geyser element with a Geyserwise controller. By installing the geyser controller, AWPower’s engineers we were able to manage the functioning of the geyser to the household’s exact requirements, resulting in a huge increase in load balancing and effective use of available solar energy

Technical: : 6kW MLT Oasis Inverter, 15 x 250Wp (3.75kW) of PV panels with 4 x 230Ah battery storage to support the full household including Geyserwise PV Hot Water solution retro-fitted to the existing 150l hot water geyser.




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