Commercial Solar PV Installation: Small commercial hybrid solar system at Independent Claims

AWPower, an energy solutions provider servicing customers in the Western Cape, installed a small commercial hybrid solar system at Independent Claims.

Independent Claims, situated in Tokai, Cape Town, opted for a small-scale commercial system to not only provide energy savings but to keep their day-to-day operations going. It also provides energy security during loadshedding and power outages.

During periods of normal operation (no loadshedding), Independent Claims cycles their relatively large battery bank at night to increase their energy savings by using their stored solar energy at night.

Here’s what they have installed:

  • 12kW Deye Inverter
  • 28.6kWh battery bank (2 x 14.3kWh Solar MD batteries)
  • 10kWp (22xJA Solar 455W panels)

No power, no problem with AWPower.

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