Case Study: Solar PV – Modular expansion as the budget allows

AWPower completed a residential installation in Newlands, Cape Town. The customer requirement was to start with a battery backup first to ensure energy security, and later to add solar PV to reduce cost. This video shows an example of the modular approach that was followed to a full solar PV solution, expanding from initial battery backup as the budget allowed.

The battery backup solution consisted of a Victron 5kVa Inverter with a 9.6kWh lithium battery bank, which was later expanded by adding a 6kW 3-phase grid-tied PV inverter with 7.3kWp of solar PV modules.

Highlights of this implementation:

•  Essential loads (eg. lights, Wi-Fi, alarm, etc.) are powered during load shedding
•  Monthly savings from solar generation, with excess exported to the grid
•  Full remote monitoring and control via mobile and PC

Watch the video below:


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