Solar PV for business – finance & tax breaks

The business case for grid-tied, rooftop mounted solar PV has become a no-brainer following the rapidly rising price of grid electricity, together with the introduction of tax incentives that may result in a 100% tax-deductible depreciation allowance in the year of installation. In addition, AWPower have partnered with Nedbank to develop a finance option that in most cases result in a positive cash-flow from day-1 of installation.


AWPower specialises in rooftop solar PV systems for residential, commercial & industrial buildings. The AWPower team of highly trained engineers, together with an installation team in excess of 70 technical members, are experienced in providing fully certified turn-key solar PV solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications, including offices and shopping centres ranging from small to large in most locations in Southern Africa.

When such solar PV installations are financed, the Nedbank finance option can be structured over a period of 7 years or more, with a 5% annual escalation to match anticipated increases in the unit price of electricity, thereby obtaining a close or positive match between monthly savings and monthly instalments.

AWPower’s engagement process is to provide a free preliminary design and cost estimate and if this proposal is accepted, to engage at a more detailed level. What is needed to start the process:

A copy of your building’s account from the local municipality or ESKOM stating the account number and other details. AWPower engineers will use this information to contact the municipality in view of obtaining the maximum PV generation size applicable to the building, in accordance with NRS 097-2-3:2014 which governs the rules for grid interconnection of small-scale embedded generation.

Monthly electricity consumption figures for the past year, or if a new building, the average cost for a typical month.

Available roof space for installing the PV. By having the access to your account and address details, AWPower design engineers can calculate this by using specialized software.

If you are interested, please forward us your electricity account details and average monthly cost of electricity as indicated above and our team of design engineers will compile a proposal for you.

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