Living with Solar #4 – What about Geysers?

From our experience, it is more cost effective to deploy a conventional geyser fitted with a reduced capacity (Watts) element when a solar PV system is installed for residential or commercial use, than opting for a solar geyser. When the geyser is managed with an intelligent timing device, it becomes an effective thermal energy storage device in addition to the batteries that are used in a solar PV system configured for self-consumption.


When inverted electricity is used to power a conventional geyser, the standard 3kW geyser element should be replaced by either a 1.5kW or 2kW element, which may take a bit longer to heat up the water but the load is drastically reduced in support of a lower capacity inverter. Naturally such geysers should be controlled by time switches to ensure effective load shifting. We have found the Geyserwise intelligent controller to be very effective when used to manage a geyser. Typical applications would be to switch on the geyser and heat it up to 60 degrees Celsius with timer set from say 12:00 to 16:00. When properly insulated, the water temperature should be in the region of 50 degrees Celsius the following summer’s morning. In cold conditions, an early morning boost for say 1 hour will be sufficient.

In the end, it is all about managing the load. When living with a comprehensive solar PV system, the household will learn when their peak demand for electricity is, when do they bath or shower, and use the intelligent geyser timer to utilise the solar generation when demand is low.

If used intelligently, the solar PV system with the reduced element and Geyserwise controller, will have immense benefits in terms of cost reduction, and pay for itself in less than 5 years at anticipated prices of electricity.

6kW Solar PV System Promotion

AWPower, in conjunction with our premier suppliers are pleased to announce the promotion of a limited number of Solar PV Systems, consisting of:

  • Geyserwise TSE Geyser Controller
  • MLT Oasis 6kW 48V Off-Grid Inverter (single phase)
  • 12 x 270kWp (3.24kW) Solar PV modules including roof mounting structures
  • 3.2kW MPPT Controller
  • 8 x 6V, 225Ah Trojan RE105 deep-cycle heavy duty solar batteries with cabling
  • Switchgear & 10m Solar Cabling
  • Installation & commissioning excluded





Promotion price R 115,900

(VAT excl.)




More about the PV System on promotion

The 6kW MLT off-grid inverter is a heavy-duty inverter of outstanding quality. It is locally produced & serviced and well known for its robustness and suitability for heavy-duty applications where battery backup is required. The 6kW Oasis with at least 3kWp of PV power is suitable for supporting the full load of a medium sized house/building including geysers and will connect to the grid when running out of PV and battery power.

Application: Medium residential/office, off-grid farmhouse.


* Commissioning, delivery of components and installation excluded.


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