Transformer-less Multi-Function inverters provide for a low-cost entry to a solar PV solution, and are therefore more suitable for supporting the essential circuit of the household with uninterrupted power. The typical sizes range from 1kW to 4kW.

Application: Office & small house, essential loads.


Transformer-based off-grid inverters, such as the 6kW MLT Oasis inverter, are more efficient, reliable and suitable for heavy-duty applications where battery backup is required. These inverters will connect to the grid when running out of PV and battery power. Such systems are suitable for powering the full household or office/workshop, including geysers. Typical battery technologies are deep-cycle lead-acid or Lithium-Ion battery banks, which are managed by the self-consumption feature of the inverter.

Application: Medium residential/office, off-grid farmhouse, only single-phase or 1 x inverter/phase.


The Bi-direction Hybrid inverter is suitable for a variety of applications such as off-grid farms, large estates and factories requiring clean incoming, voltage-regulated power. The  MLT Powerstar is a robust & reliable Bi-direction Hybrid inverter with the functionality to monitor all possible sources, simultaneoulsy supplementing PV with the grid, as well as control exporting power. 

Application: Large residential/estates, off-grid farmhouse, factories, single & 3-phase.


A Solar Inverter that is directly grid-tied could supplement any power drawn from the grid by the load. The high-quality SMA Sunny range from Germany that comes with reverse power blocking devices installed (export limiting), the inverter can only produce what is being asked of it, while with exporting functionality, the inverter will produce as much as possible and export any excess power not utilized. However, when the grid is down, the system will be down too.

Application: Commercial & Industrial, single & 3-phase.