AWPower’s investment in quality people and systems ensures that it continues to define the standard for service excellence.  Strategic partnerships are made with specialist and reputable organisations to provide expert research, quality products and accredited installations for our clients. With AWPower’s engineering expertise and design knowledge, the group can provide customised energy solutions for all business and residential properties, including medical centres and schools.

FarSoft Office in Wellington goes Solar

Wellington, Western Cape

FarSoft Solutions based in Wellington opted for solar PV in order to prevent costly production losses during load-shedding and power outages. The company commissioned AWPower to design and install an off-grid solar PV system for their company premises.

Solar Energy for Pinewood Village, Cape Town

Pinewood Village, Cape Town

The renewable energy sector is steadily growing in the global market, and with rapidly decreasing prices, fast gaining traction in South Africa. The installation of a solar PV (photovoltaic) solution for Pinewood Village in Cape Town has indicated that commercial scale solar PV systems offer high cost savings through low payback periods, typically around three years, instantly saving business owners money upon installation, as well as drastically reducing carbon footprints.

Sustainable Living in Urban Cape Town


We take a look at one of our clients who has achieved a truly off-grid house in the middle of the city.

Rooftop solar PV with Lithium Battery – Cape Town Case Study

Harfield Village

In this case study, we reviewed the benefits of deploying a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) energy storage solution.

Integrated Rainwater Harvesting – Cape Town Case Study

Harfield Village

In Claremont's Harfield Village, AWPower engineers designed and installed a comprehensive rainwater harvesting system to address the homeowner's desire to contribute to reducing strain on the municipal infrastructure, as well as gain a degree of water independence.

Converting to Sustainable Living

Harfield Village

AWPower engineers recently completed a sustainable living housing project in Harfield Village (Claremont) where, for large portions of the year, there is very little to no reliance on the electricity grid and municipal water supply. Click here to read our story, with indication of approximate expenditure.

Off-Grid Solar PV system for Plettenberg Bay farmhouse

Plettenberg Bay

The Holm familiy decided that they were paying too much for electricity, of which the supply was inconsistent, so they purchased an off-grid Solar PV solution from AWPower during December 2016. Here is their success story...

15kWp Solar Generation System for large estate


A large estate in Constantia has been paying an average of R10,000 per month towards electricity fees, so the brief to AWPower was clear – reduce the cost and provide for energy security.

3kWp Solar Generation System for retirement home


A retired medical doctor and his wife’s requirement was clear - reduce the electricity bill from R2,300 per month and provide energy security. Within a month after installation the bill was reduced by R1,000 pm. Total cost of system was less than R150,000.

Brent family’s modular Solar Inverter system


The Brent family carefully chose a modular solar energy solution that would fulfill their requirements for energy security and cost reduction, with guaranteed expandability and energy independence.

John Whitehead’s Solar Solution

Simon's Town

John Whitehead (87) chose a solar energy solution that would allow him to listen to his large selection of jazz music without interruption, knowing that the music and LED lights will never go out in his comfortable study.

Chris Moerdyk’s battery backup system

Simon's Town

Chris Moerdyk, well known marketing personality, chose an energy solution that would allow for uninterrupted viewing of his favourite TV channels, together with LED lights that would never go out, upgradeable to solar when he wishes to do so.

Hawkesbury Surgery’s 3kVA battery backup system


Dr Tessa Williamson’s request to AWPower was to provide an energy solution that would guarantee power to the administrative function of their practice. The solution had to be affordable yet allow for future expansion to solar.

Rudy Human’s quest for energy independence


Simon’s Town Dive Shop owner Rudy Human is no stranger to thinking outside the box. His entrepreneurial flair has brought him to Simon’s Town and his quest for energy independence led to thorough research in finding a solar energy solution for his house in Glencairn.